March 2016

Why 140 Characters Creates Brand Advocates

I recently took a meeting with “a talker.” You know these people. They’re the ones who are all too eager to schedule meetings. However (sometimes several hours later), you walk away wondering what you really got out of the meeting since 90% of the conversation had nothing to do with you. “Couldn’t that have been sent out in an email?”

These people are often salesman. They have the ability to talk so much that they start to resemble a dog chasing its tail, going around and around, all the while thinking that their audience is watching them, completely enthralled.

Truth be told, I prefer a clean, concise delivery. I bet you do, too. So here’s the point of this post: It’s entirely possible to create brand advocates by saying a lot in just a few words, or characters — 140 characters, to be exact.

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