April 2016

Retargeting Isn’t Just for Display Anymore

In the 2002 movie, Minority Report, Tom Cruise plays an officer who is accused of a murder he has yet to commit. Although the science behind this futuristic policing is sketchy at best, other novel concepts in the film are not far off.

For instance, upon walking into The Gap, Mr. Anderson (played by Cruise) is greeted with a holographic image asking him how those assorted tank tops worked out for him. While we don’t currently experience personal advertising based on identification by retina scan, we are offered targeted ads based on our past behavior.

This is called retargeting, and the way it’s been used has evolved in recent years.

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A HubSpot Partner’s Review of “Disrupted” by Dan Lyons


Okay, I’m going to admit this right from the start, I love a good train-wreck of a corporate “tell all” book. So when Disrupted was released I was secretly pretty excited. We were going to to get all the dirty laundry on HubSpot, a product we use and a company that operates in our community.  I imagined an insider’s expose filled with anecdotes and allegations of insane all night coke fueled blogging binges, Halligan’s weird sprocket fetish, and absurd corporate waste. Instead Lyons has penned a fairly banal account of petty office Facebook spats, quirky company culture and an oddly obsessive notation of how many kitchens the Cambridge office contains.

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Inbound Fundamentals: 3 Ways to Get Brand Advocates on Social

Every single one of us is an advocate for something or somebody. You (hopefully) advocate for your children, your significant other, and causes that are important to you.

You’re an effective advocate because (1) you have an emotional connection to the person or cause, (2) you understand the person or cause, and (3) you have an incentive for being an advocate.

When it comes to marketing your brand, you may feel that it’s a bit harder to find someone who is truly devoted to being an advocate on your behalf. The truth is, your advocates are likely already out there. You just need to connect with them.

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3 Reasons a 360 VR Tour Will Sell Your Buyers

input-252179_1920You step in through the door. A well-lit foyer welcomes you, and you smile. You’re home. As you stroll through the living room, eyeing the comfortable sofa that looks oh-so-tempting after a long day at the office, you smile. It’s good to be here. It just feels right. The kitchen is spotless, as it should be, and you imagine the dinner you’ll cook for the evening. You’ll have asparagus, sauteed in garlic, olive oil, and some Parmesan cheese, with some pan-seared scallops. What wine would pair nicely with this, you find yourself wondering.

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