June 2016

Why Does Matterport Matter? (FAQs)

The concept of virtual reality has never lost its appeal for most of us. If you’re a science fiction buff, you still geek out over The Matrix, or that Doctor Who episode, Silence in the Library — mostly because the whole concept of being somewhere without physically being there is nothing short of fascinating.

matterportAnd while we’re not at the point, as a society, where we implant someone’s consciousness into a machine for safe keeping, virtual reality is no longer a futuristic idea.

Here at Seapoint Digital, we like to think of ourselves as at least a bit on the futuristic side. And when that visionary attitude helps you to boost profits, we can’t help but get excited! Enter Matterport.

You may have heard us talk about this virtual reality tour in the past, but today I hope to answer a few of your questions about what it is and how it can work for you.

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