Rachel Vander Pol


With over ten years experience writing professionally, Rachel Vander Pol uses her long time love of writing to bring flair to Seapoint Digital from our satellite office in Cork, Ireland. When not behind her computer writing, Rachel enjoys traveling, volunteering, and seeing and experiencing as many cultures as possible.

Why Writing A Killer Meta Description is Important for Your Blog Post

It seems like there’s an ever-growing list of ‘must haves’ when blogging. You need consistency, keywords/SEO, an awesome title, catching content in the correct format, and on and on. However, each of these components will help draw people to your website and pay attention to what you’re putting out there. So, is a meta description just another item on the list that needs to be crossed of? Is a meta description really important for your blog post?

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Why Winking at Your Competitors is a Good Idea

taco emojiFolks, it’s happened. The world is complete. We finally have a taco emoji. That’s right – you can now add a taco to your dancing ladies, winking face, and coffee mug. While perhaps, you didn’t miss the taco emoji as much as some (cough, me, cough), by now you probably have your favorite emojis and emoticons for your personal texts and social media communications. But have you thought about incorporating those tiny pictures into your corporate social media posts and tweets?

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