A HubSpot Partner’s Review of “Disrupted” by Dan Lyons


Okay, I’m going to admit this right from the start, I love a good train-wreck of a corporate “tell all” book. So when Disrupted was released I was secretly pretty excited. We were going to to get all the dirty laundry on HubSpot, a product we use and a company that operates in our community.  I imagined an insider’s expose filled with anecdotes and allegations of insane all night coke fueled blogging binges, Halligan’s weird sprocket fetish, and absurd corporate waste. Instead Lyons has penned a fairly banal account of petty office Facebook spats, quirky company culture and an oddly obsessive notation of how many kitchens the Cambridge office contains.

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The Basics of a Business Blog

Long gone are the days when you pulled out the Yellow Pages, or even a newspaper, to find a local business. Now, we receive the bulky book on our doorstep and wonder what we’re supposed to do with it – maybe a glorified doorstop? People look online to find everything. Having not only a business web site, but also a business blog, can help your customers find you, too.

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