How Local Guides are Good for Local SEO

Living in a city with a high volume of tourist traffic, I’ve come to learn a lot about the area just by eavesdropping here and there. For instance, I recently passed by a lanyard-wearing, fanny pack toting tour group the other day and I overheard the tour guide say that nearly 2,000,000 tourists visit the city every year. I also know that the rooftop bar with the best view doesn’t serve the best drinks, and that if you’re going to buy a sweetgrass basket, it’s best to skip up the road and dicker with a local vendor, rather than pay full price in the market.

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Why Writing A Killer Meta Description is Important for Your Blog Post

It seems like there’s an ever-growing list of ‘must haves’ when blogging. You need consistency, keywords/SEO, an awesome title, catching content in the correct format, and on and on. However, each of these components will help draw people to your website and pay attention to what you’re putting out there. So, is a meta description just another item on the list that needs to be crossed of? Is a meta description really important for your blog post?

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