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4 Instagram Tips to Insta-Fame

My first Instagram photo. Now I can see why it only got 1 like.

My first Instagram photo. Now I can see why it only got 1 like.

True story: I started an Instagram account back in early 2012 (when they first released the Android version of the app) and started posting away. My first photo, which I at the time thought was pretty great, got (drum roll please) one like. Granted, the first like you get on your maiden voyage Instagram photo is pretty spectacular, but, once the hype dies down, you stare at your screen, hoping for it to blow up with about 599 more likes (give or take a few). If it doesn’t happen, you, if you’re anything like the inner narcissistic me, starts questioning all the photos you’ve ever taken.

Have no fear, Instagram user, in this blog I’m going to turn you from haphazard picture-taker to savvy Instagrammer (trust me, it’s a thing). Here are my 4 Instagram tips to Insta-fame.

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Inbound Fundamentals: 3 Ways to Get Brand Advocates on Social

Every single one of us is an advocate for something or somebody. You (hopefully) advocate for your children, your significant other, and causes that are important to you.

You’re an effective advocate because (1) you have an emotional connection to the person or cause, (2) you understand the person or cause, and (3) you have an incentive for being an advocate.

When it comes to marketing your brand, you may feel that it’s a bit harder to find someone who is truly devoted to being an advocate on your behalf. The truth is, your advocates are likely already out there. You just need to connect with them.

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Why 140 Characters Creates Brand Advocates

I recently took a meeting with “a talker.” You know these people. They’re the ones who are all too eager to schedule meetings. However (sometimes several hours later), you walk away wondering what you really got out of the meeting since 90% of the conversation had nothing to do with you. “Couldn’t that have been sent out in an email?”

These people are often salesman. They have the ability to talk so much that they start to resemble a dog chasing its tail, going around and around, all the while thinking that their audience is watching them, completely enthralled.

Truth be told, I prefer a clean, concise delivery. I bet you do, too. So here’s the point of this post: It’s entirely possible to create brand advocates by saying a lot in just a few words, or characters — 140 characters, to be exact.

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Stop it! 5 Social Media Mistakes You are Making Right Now

As a community manager, I know firsthand that social media is a rough landscape. Word something wrong, make a small spelling error, and hordes of people- followers or not, regram, retweet, or just make prods at your company, making them the laughingstock of the webisphere. Granted, there are some errors that just happen, no matter how careful you are, but in this article, I’m going to help your business stand out from the others and avoid simple social media mistakes.

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