3 Keys to Creating a Content Offer That ISN’T Horrible

We’ve all been there. You’re reading a blog, really enjoying it, you scroll down, and BAM! You’re hit with it. A box bumbles down into your viewing area, and you are offered “an exclusive” offer, promising to all but make you the most successful person walking the planet.

If you’re like me, you might scan it, or, if you’ve only been half-heartedly scanning the blog, you quickly click off, muttering something to yourself about annoying ebook offers.

Only the thing is, as an inbound marketer, or a business owner or blogger, you depend on those content offers to bring you in more leads and, in the end, more customers.

So how can you make sure that people will actually want to download and read your content offer? In this blog, I will give you the 3 keys to success.

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How to Identify and Engage with Industry Experts

Networking has always been an important part of building your business and increasing your credibility within your industry. With the onslaught of social media platforms, like YouTube and LinkedIn, industry experts are able to create solid followings and offer insight to those they influence. As both a social media creator and user, it’s important for you to identify and engage with your industry experts.

If you’re on the hunt for the experts in your industry, here are three things you can do to help get you started.

Use Available Resources

When it comes to identifying your industry’s experts, there are some resources that make it incredibly easy. Followerwonk is a tool to help you find those making waves in your industry. This tool allows you to grow your social networks, but also connect with influencers and visualize your own social influence with graphs and charts.

By utilizing the reports and graphs tools within Followerwonk, you’re able to optimize your social networks to engage with those in your industry, including the experts and your competitors. You can track your own Twitter accounts or those of your competitors (with an upgrade to the Pro version). You can also explore what your followers are doing and how they are interacting with you and your brand.

Monitor Social Media Hashtags

entrepreneur-696959_1920In addition to using a valuable tool like Followerwonk, you can also monitor hashtags within Twitter to identify what your industry—and more importantly your industry experts—are communicating. You can join in the conversation by using the same trending hashtag.

Several tools are on the market to be used within social media to track hashtags and monitor their buzz. Hashatit.com and hashtagify.me are just two of the resources available to monitor trending hashtags. By using hashtags to your advantage, you will be able to not only identify your industry experts, but also engage with them through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Find Industry Organization and Associations

If you’re looking to connect with the experts in your industry offline, an easy way is to engage with them through industry organizations and associations. Through a quick search, especially on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see what organizations your experts are associated with and how they interact with their peers in person. You, too, can become members of those organizations and participate in the events and networking socials they hold.

Meeting people face to face can have a significant impact on their engagement with you. Since so much of our lives are online, it is important to create an online and offline relationship with those who are industry experts.

Connecting and engaging with the experts in your industry is an important part of your brand strategy. Experts can help grow your business, and professionally interacting with them can help boost your brand and your industry credibility. If you’d like to find out who your industry experts are or how you can start interacting with them, let us here at Seapoint Digital help. We specialize in all things social, including helping you find your industry experts and the best ways to engage with them.

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