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How to Use Google+ Communities to Boost Brand Exposure

Is your Google+ page a bit of a bore? For most business owners, striving to create a solid presence on Google+ is nothing short of frustrating.  However, more studies than ever before are revealing that Google+ is vital to a brand’s SEO. That fact alone tells us that establishing your brand on Google+ is well worth the effort.

Google+ Will Impact Your Brand’s SEO

How does Google+ impact SEO? In order for your site to be found, Google needs to be impressed. How can we impress Google?  By ensuring your Google+ content receives engagement via +1’s, shares, and comments. A fantastic way to boost engagement, is through Google+ communities.

Google+ Communities – What are They?

Google+ communities are just that, a community where users can share questions, comments, or content, related to a specific subject. For example, let’s say that you’re a fitness trainer. If you become a member of a fitness community, you receive posts in your home feed focused on fitness, training, and everything else associated with fitness. How do you know the content will stay on topic? Most communities have a moderator in place who keeps an eye out for unrelated content, spam, and users using the community for self promotion.

Google+ Communities – Getting Started

Joining a Google+ community is a simple, straightforward process. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Once you’re logged into your Google+ account, click to the left of your screen so that a drop-down menu appears. Click on “Communities.”
  2. You are now on the Communities homepage. By using the search icon, you can find Google+ communities that relate to your business. If you want the best exposure for your brand, look for communities that have a large member count. The higher the count, the more exposure you will receive.
  3. Communities are either public or private. If they’re public, you can start commenting and posting immediately after choosing to join the community. If the community is private, you can still ask to join, but you will need to wait for acceptance before interacting with the community. That’s it, you’re a member of the community!

How to Use Google+ Communities to Boost Brand Exposure

Now that you’ve joined a few Google+ communities, let’s talk about how you can use them to boost your brand exposure. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of Google+ communities.

  • Post Regularly. If it’s exposure you’re looking for, you need to post regularly. How often is that? It can vary depending on the size of the community. Generally we encourage clients to post once a day. If you’ve joined a large community, you may find you can get away with more than that, just be sure to guard against posting too many updates in quick succession – you’ll end up looking like spam.
  • Comment. A great way to get noticed is by joining in the discussion. The trick is to strike the proper balance between sounding like you have something to offer, and a sales pitch. It’s best to be genuine and avoid falling prey to the idea of trying to impress people. If you consistently show people you have a true knowledge of the topic without sounding pretentious, you will soon gain new followers.
  • Avoid Over-Promoting. We’ve touched on it, but it can’t be said enough. If the moderator gets wind that you are trying to promote your brand, you will quickly find your posts deleted. Remember, this is a community. You can, and should, be showing people you have something to offer, but tact is required. A little common sense is all that’s needed to find success through Google+ communities.

What happens if you can’t find a community to join that’s specific to your brand? No problem! you can start your own Google+ community and invite others to join. We’ll help you get started in our next blog post.

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