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Why Your Site Needs a Blog

Internet marketing these days seems to be all about social media. From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it, you need it. The goal with all these platforms, especially from a business standpoint, is interacting with your customers—building an audience with the people who already know your product and want to interact with your business.

One of the best ways to interact with your customers is by having a blog on your company’s website.

Starting a company blog can be overwhelming, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Not knowing where to start can lead to not even starting at all.

Starting a blog, however, can open up doors to grow your business in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Becoming a Go-To Resource

In order to create an audience around your blog, it’s important to become a go-to resource for your customers. This doesn’t mean solely selling your product or service. It means determining the areas of interest around your business that would appeal to your customers as well.

The idea behind becoming a resource is not just sell to your audience but enable them to see you as much more than what you’re selling.

10268416_783999678288237_4888879321091181936_nFor instance, Jessica wants to grow her daycare business, and has decided a blog is a good option. Her posts will offer insight into how to interact with a two-year-old who’s having a tantrum, offer safety tips for summer activities, and have a “day in the life” of her work. She could even offer date ideas for couples who may need a night out.

By offering information just beyond her scope, she is becoming a resource for her audience. They won’t just visit her web site for child tending services, but also come for the other resources she offers on her blog.

Interact with Your Audience

Becoming a go-to resource not only continues to drive customers to your web site, but also builds trust  with them. By building their trust, they are much more willing to interact in ways that will be beneficial to you and your bottom line.

By encouraging customers to leave comments, take surveys, or even win prizes, you can interact with them in ways that were not available ten years ago. Blogging and social media has really allowed for more interactions between customers and audiences more than ever before.

10443443_792183690803169_6418590245191175509_nDan runs a men’s clothing business. He doesn’t fancy himself a writer, but really feels a blog will help him offer more opportunities for him to grow his online business. He’s constantly getting new product in both his brick-and-mortar stores as well as his offerings online, so he decided that once a week he was going to do a special offer specific to the readers of his blog. This allows him to reach out to his customers and interact with them beyond what he could do when they come into his store or visit his website.

Having a blog doesn’t mean you’ll be writing all the time – surveys, pictures, and giveaways are all opportunities in which to engage your audience in varying ways.

Is there a magic formula for having a successful company blog? No, there’s not. But being creative and thinking outside of your company’s comfort zone will provide new and exciting ways to interact with and engage your audience.

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