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Social Media Debate: Outsource or In-House?

You-1-300x300If you own a business you’ve likely heard the great debate: social media marketing; outsource or in-house? It’s a good question, and one that each business owner needs to consider carefully. It’s not something to be taken lightly, there’s much at stake – ultimately the success of your business. Like any major decision in life, the only way to make the right decision, is to get both sides of the story. Let’s get to it.

Social Media Marketing, What to do?

Let me start by explaining why I’m in a good position to to weigh both sides of the story. I am a social media community manager and I run my own business, a photography business. I’ve seen first hand, how my own social media marketing compares to those of the companies we manage. Let me be upfront: I am biased, I think it’s a “no-brainer” that companies should outsource their social media marketing and here’s why:

  1. You don’t have the time. This is my biggest argument for outsourcing your social media marketing: time. Seriously, do you have an extra six-eight hours a week to devote to social media? That’s the average time I spend on my social contracts because it’s the minimum you need to spend for most businesses to see results. Want proof? I know how to market a business with social media and my personal business accounts, pale in comparison? Why? I don’t have time!!
  2. It’s complicated. Social media marketing is different than social media for personal use. You can’t expect the results on your business page to be the same as when you post a cute picture of your puppy on your personal page. Getting fans engaged is work, real work. There are rules, applications, upgrades, and changes to platforms. There’s strategy. Why do you need strategy? Because most businesses are tricky to market, they don’t always have fun, likable content. This my friend, is why you need a pro.
  3. Your employee’s not the best option. OK, so most of the folks out there who are opposed to outsourcing say: “the person you hire to manage accounts won’t have the same passion as someone in-house.” I’m not sure about you, but last I checked, being an employee doesn’t make you passionate. In fact, adding social media marketing to an employees job duties to save some cash,  might be one of the worst mistakes you can make. They have plenty to do already, and a new task isn’t going to necessarily spark “passion” in them. Speaking for myself, my clients accounts are my babies. I know their clients, I chat with them weekly on social platforms, I want their company to succeed, I’m passionate about their business.

These are just three of the strongest reasons I think outsourcing social media is a good idea. Let me be frank about something: not every company will give your marketing the time, strategy, and passion it needs to succeed. Be picky. Ask to see accounts they already manage, make sure they have an approach that reflects your business philosophy. In fact, my most successful social media contracts are those where the owner works closely with me, ensuring we let the personality of their business shine through.

Seapoint Digital is passionate about your business. Audrey, the community manager here is fun, creative, and dedicated to getting the results you deserve. Call us today and let us add some “passion” to your social media marketing.

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