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Your Fans Hate You: Why Your Social Strategy Needs a Strategy

It might seem like an oxymoron to say that your fans hate you. But, think about it. Do you drive your friends crazy sometimes? Of course! Hopefully you’re fortunate enough to have the kind of friends who stick with you through thick and thin, the kind that forgive you when you’ve had a bad day, and celebrate your weirdness with you.

However, your fans on social media probably aren’t quite as forgiving. While they may truly love your brand, your product, or your service, when you behave badly, they aren’t as likely to cut you a break. In fact, they may just walk away and not even tell you why.

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Stop it! 5 Social Media Mistakes You are Making Right Now

As a community manager, I know firsthand that social media is a rough landscape. Word something wrong, make a small spelling error, and hordes of people- followers or not, regram, retweet, or just make prods at your company, making them the laughingstock of the webisphere. Granted, there are some errors that just happen, no matter how careful you are, but in this article, I’m going to help your business stand out from the others and avoid simple social media mistakes.

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